Dear Class of 2016,

This is it. Somehow, through all the PSETS, papers and Woads study breaks, we’ve (almost) made it through. Although we’re all going to miss different parts of our time here—be it completing morning practice as the sun rises or late night rehearsals—there have been commonalities that unite us. Some sort of “Yale-ness.”

The Senior Class Gift is our way to honor that connection. A month-long campaign with many fun events, it’s 2016’s opportunity to come together as a class and give back to improve our community for future Yalies. Donations to the Senior Class Gift go to the Yale Alumni Fund to secure financial aid for incoming students, support sustainability programs on campus, enrich our library network, fund original research, and guarantee that Yale can best support the diverse interests of its undergraduate student body. By participating in this year’s campaign, we are enriching the experiences of classes to come by ensuring they have the same variety of opportunities we had.

Our final semester here is ours to shape. Theses, job applications, soul-searching, eat-pray-loving. The time we have left as undergrads will be frenzied and thrilling. Enjoy your last wenzels, enjoy life before apartment hunting, and enjoy being able to give back to our incredible home. Boola had me liiiiike…

Your SCG Co-Chairs,

Mitchell Jones BK ’16

Simone Policano DC ’16

Maddy Landon SM ’16

Blake Smith JE ’16